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New transnorm motor range

As part of the trade fair SPS IPC Drives 2014, the ATB Group introduced its new transnorm motor range for the first time. The company will launch the surface-cooled motor already at the beginning of 2015.

The new series covers a power range from 180 kW to 2,250 kW with frame sizes from 315 to 560 mm in high- and low-voltage and with 2 to 8 poles. Detailed technical data are given in the table below:

    Low-voltage range High-voltage range
Voltage 400/690 V 3.6/6/11 kV
Power 200-2,000 kW    180-2,250 kW
Frequency 50/60 Hz 50/60 Hz
Motor type asynchronuous motor with cage rotor asynchronuous motor with cage rotor
Mode of duty direct duty type S1 direct duty type S1
Class of insulation 155 (F); 180 (H) 155 (F); 180 (H)
Temperature rise class 155 (F) / 130 (B) * 155 (F) / 130 (B) *
Degree of protection IP 55 IP 55
Degree of protection of terminal box IP 65 IP 65
Method of cooling IC 411, IC 416 IC 411, IC 416
Type of construction IMB3, IMV1 IMB3, IMV1
Ambient temperature -20°C up to 40°C -20°C up to 40°C
Altitude up to 1,000 m above sea level up to 1,000 m above sea level
* Inverter drive motor 155 (F) Subject to modiications

Low-voltage range
Performance parameters              
Frame size mm 315 355 400 450 500 560
Power range kW 200-500 450-650 400-800 650-1,150 900-1,500 1,250-2,000
Eficiency % 96.6 97 97 97.2 97 97.3
Power factor cos j 0.88 0.9 0.92 0.89 0.86 0.88
Torque Nm 3,207 4,161 5,124 7,361 14,397 20,615
Inertia kgm2 3.4 11 21.3 52 100 189.2
High-voltage range
Performance parameters              
Frame size mm 315 355 400 450 500 560
Power range kW 180-400 225-600 355-800 560-1,120 710-1,600 1,250-2,250
Eficiency % 95.3 96.3 96.8 97 97.4 97.1
Power factor cos j 0.89 0.84 0.88 0.89 0.9 0.89
Torque Nm 1,283 3,843 5,127 7,168 10,220 14,381
Inertia kgm2 3.3 10.9 21 41.9 100.7 177
Further frame sizes on request Subject to modiications

Developed at the site ATB Schorch the new transnorm motor has been thermally optimized using state-of-the-art CFD software (Computational Fluid Dynamics) and provides high power reserves. The ATB design team designed a special rib geometry and optimized the flow pattern in the light of aerodynamic rules, thereby achieving a maximum of heat transfer (see figure 1). Furthermore, a design-perfected internal fan and an axial external fan lead to an efficient transfer of internal heat loss to the external cooling circuit of the machine.

Exceptional is also the ratio of low weight to high performance. By using modular accessories the new transnorm motor can easily and quickly be tailored to customers' special requirements. It is also suitable for the inverter operation. With its compact design, this engine series is also ideally suited for retrofit.

A corresponding Ex version of this series is currently being developed.

Typical applications for this engine series are:

- pumps,
- compressors,
- ventilators,
- blowers,
- mills and granulators

in a number of industries.

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Chairman Jiancheng Chen receives Large Silver Medal of the Republic of Austria

Mr. Chen Jiancheng, CEO of Wolong Holding Group and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of ATB Austria Antriebstechnik was awarded with the Great Silver Medal for Services to the Republic of Austria on October 24th. The ceremony was held by Dr. Reinhold Mitterlehner, Vice-Chancellor and Federal Minister of Science, Research and Economic Development of the Republic of Austria at the Hyatt on the Bund in Shanghai. The Medal for Services to the Republic of Austria is the most important state decoration, which is currently awarded in Austria. The corresponding law was passed by the Federal Act of April 2nd, 1952 by the National Council. Medaled have done outstanding community service or excellent services to the Republic of Austria.
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Fairs ATB Group


Iran Oil Show 2017

The ATB Austria Antriebstechnik AG will be participating in this years Iran Oil Show 2017 between the 06th - 09th of May 2017.

Hall 35, Booth #35, Tehran

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Nor Shipping 2017

The ATB Austria Antriebstechnik AG will be participating in this years Nor Shipping 2017 between the 30th of May - 02nd of June 2017.

Booth #C01-01c, Oslo

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