挪威国家石油公司奖励 ATB 一份四年期合同

近日,ATB 集团赢得了国际能源公司挪威国家石油公司一个四年期合同。在电子竞标期间,ATB 和挪威的合作伙伴 Lanne 竞投了价值 1000 万欧元左右的合同。他们最终凭借全面的产品组合和过硬的产品质量说服了买方。

石油和天然气巨头挪威国家石油公司在 10 月份正式接受投标。这意味着至少未来四年,挪威国家石油公司的所有未来石油平台和其他项目都将配备 ATB 电机。此外,合同双方均同意用 ATB 产品取代目前使用的电机。如果公司对 ATB 提供的电机满意,还可能将合同延长两年。竞标涉及从 71 到 400 毫米各种尺寸的 Brook Crompton 工业电机、Ex-n 电机、Ex-e 电机以及 Ex-d IIB 和 IIC 电机。所有产品将在诺登哈姆(德国)和塔梅尔(波兰)ATB 的工厂生产。

ATB 与挪威国家石油公司之间的首次谈判可追溯到两年前的挪威斯塔万格 ONS 展会。之后,ATB 经历了一个彻底的筛选过程。除其他事项外,挪威国家石油公司对德国北部 ATB 的诺登哈姆工厂进行审计得出的非常积极的结果对决定电子竞标的中标人起到了一定的作用。

第二次会议将近期在斯塔万格召开,目的是进一步讨论合同细节。ATB 正在从中国投资商卧龙开始实行其发展战略。


ATB Group integrates into the Wolong Electric Group

Since 2011 the ATB Group is part of the global operating Wolong Group. At this year’s Hannover fair, from 24th to the 28th of April 2017, the Wolong-ATB Group will present itself for the first time at a combined fair to present powerful and customer-oriented unit for tailor-made drive solutions.

Part of the Wolong-ATB Group are brands, with a history of over 138 years, like Brook Crompton, Laurence Scott, Morley and Schorch besides CNE Nanyang and Oli. The Group produces tailor made drive solutions for machine builders in various areas. For example: oil, gas, and chemical industries, Mining, Marine, and Home and Garden.

The aim of the Wolong-ATB Group is to produce and develop highly efficient motor and drive solutions, which serve every customer need with innovative technology and with the highest standards in regard to quality and the environment. The Group has over 37 manufacturing sites in Europe and Asia, as well as, several R&D centres. The Group is able to produce complete drive solutions with a range between 5W to 130 MW. Worldwide over 18.500 employees are currently working for the Wolong-ATB Group.

AT this year’s Hannover fair the companies of the Wolong-ATB Group will present the latest product novelties, which are highly adaptable to all areas of application and build to the highest standards.

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About ATB Austria Antriebstechnik AG:

The history of ATB Austria Antriebstechnik AG dates back more than 90 years. Today, the Group Rank ranks among the leading global suppliers of electric drive systems for industrial applications and home appliances. The ATB Group product range extends from 25W to 25MW and includes standard solutions, customised solutions and design-to-order solutions including complete drive systems for a wide range of applications. The Company, which includes famous brands such as Schorch, Morley, Laurence Scott and Brook Crompton, currently has twelve manufacturing and employs more than 3,500 people.

About Wolong Group

Founded in 1984 the Wolong Holding Group has quickly grown over the past thirdy years and currently consists of three entities, which are all listed at the stock exchange: Wolong Electric, Wolong Real Estate und Brook Crompton Holding. Within 55 companies, the Group employs more than 18.500 people and was able to reach revenues of 4,2 Billion € in 2016.


Fairs ATB Group


Iran Oil Show 2017

The ATB Austria Antriebstechnik AG will be participating in this years Iran Oil Show 2017 between the 06th - 09th of May 2017.

Hall 35, Booth #35, Tehran

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