Managing Board

George GAO

George GAO Ph.D. - CEO

DOB 4 March 1958

As of September 23rd Mr. George Gao was appointed as Chief Executive Officer of the ATB Austria Antriebstechnik AG. His responsibilities include Strategy, Investments, Sales, Marketing, Investor Relations, Reorganization, and M&A. Mr Gao earned his PhD in Electrical Engineering from the Technical University of Berlin.

Mr. Gao has over 30 years of experiences in motor industry and global vision. In previous positions he was acting as Senior Head of Special machines, Large Drive of Siemens AG, Germany, as Vice President of TECO-Westinghouse Motor Company, USA, and as Executive Leader of the Corporate Research & Development of General Electric Company, USA.

Dipl.-Kffr. XinyuanWang-Schwantz - CFO

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