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ATB Nordenham

Today, ATB Nordenham is one of the leading suppliers in the industry. As we have specialised in exclusively manufacturing motors with pressure-tight encapsulation, our clients benefit from our unique know-how and in-depth expertise. ATB Nordenham are also the experts to contact for special products such as motors with frequency converter mounted in pressure-tight encapsulation, offshore or water-cooled models. All the solutions are as customised, safe and reliable as our clients’ specific requirements or regulations demand.

Felten & Guilleaume (F&G) was the name of the company that built the first motors for hazardous atmospheres with pressure-tight encapsulation at the plant site in Nordenham back in 1952. The demand for high efficiency, low-noise and low-maintenance machines led to designs being developed at the Nordenham plant very early; they met with approval and recognition among the experts. F&G Antriebstechnik was incorporated in ATB Group in 2002.

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