Oil, gas and chemical industries

In a sector where safety, reliability, efficiency and minimum downtime are top priority, ATB rank among the market leaders in electric motors for high and low voltage applications. We have one of the best track records both in terms of protection zones and motors for hazardous atmospheres in the oil, gas and chemical industries.

Virtually all global oil and gas companies have approved ATB, as we supply them with reliable products. Used in upstream, midstream and downstream processes, our electric motors and drive systems play a key role in ensuring that oil and gas are delivered to their destinations safely, reliably and efficiently. In many chemical and petrochemical plants, the production process would not be possible without ATB electric motors designed for hazardous atmospheres.Not only do our highly efficient motors work around the clock in many manufacturing operations, but they also make a significant contribution towards keeping energy costs as low as possible.

Our specialists in the following companies supply industry-specific solutions: ATB Schorch, ATB Nordenham, ATB Laurence Scott, ATB Sever, ATB Tamel, ATB Morley, ATB Special Products, ATB Wuhan.

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